Sunday, 19 April 2009

Cards Using My Watercolour Crayon Background

I have included some cards that I have made using my background paper (apologies for the instructions being back to front-haven't got the hang of this yet!)


  1. This is fab Fliss, love it. Only problem is, you've just made me put something else on my "want must have" list - can't be bothered with wish lists coz I'm still waiting for a die cut machine that I wished for ages ago.
    Keep it up babes I'll be back
    Sam x

  2. hi Felicity nice to see you in blogland, thanks for a marvelous technique shall be back to see what else you can teach me, Piddawinkle

  3. Lovely cards. I've done the same sort of thing with my Lyra crayons, although I didn't scrunch it up, so didn't get such a good effect. Looking forward to more blog entries like these.
    Julie x

  4. Oooh very nice - and great instructions too. :) Love the pink one - that stamp is one of my favourites. :)


  5. These are stunning cards love the colours .Love the blog too,welldone you and welcome to blog land!

  6. wow they are all absolutely gorgeous Flissy!! well done xx

  7. Great cards and the effect you have created is Fab!

    Vicki x

  8. Hi Fliss
    I recognised these gorgeous cards when i got here. They are beautiful.You are doing a great job with the blog already. Ok added myself to follow so all set :)
    Hugs June xxxx

  9. Lovely cards, well done. Trish :)

  10. stunning cards Fliss welcome to blog land .Ihave something for you on my blog
    hugs judex


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