Sunday, 19 April 2009

Watercolour Crayon Background Paper

 This easy paper is made using Neocolor 11 water soluble crayons by Caran D'Ache.
Step 1.
Scribble over the card with 2 or 3 complementary colours of the water soluble crayons.

Step 2
Spray the card with a mist of water and scrunch up into a tight ball. Open out carefully and then iron with a dry iron until flatter. The crayon will have formed a marbled effect.

Step 3
Using a solid image stamp, stamp several images at random in a fairly strong complementary colour.

Step 4
Stamp again with a paler colour in between the previous images, going off the edges in some spaces.

Step 5
To finish your decorated paper, stamp an outline image over the top in a dark colour of ink. your paper is now ready to use. It will have thickened up and have a texture similar to hand made paper and if you use bold colours as I have, the results are extremely striking.

If you carry on and look at some of my later examples, you will see that you can vary the stamping for a very different look and some simple stamping with just one stamp can look really lovely.

Have fun!
Fliss xx


  1. great tut fliss, will try this out, water soluble crayons to add to my want list, lol

  2. Hi Fliss,
    I think your blog is fab, sometimes it's hard to know how to use watercolours and inks so this is a really good way to learn, I'm really impressed with your first tutorial and the end result is cool! Well done you.

    Vicki x

  3. These papers look fab, look forward to more ideas!

  4. Great tutorial and fab results. Thank you :-)

  5. hi hun I think your blog is fantastic I love the way you have put the turorial on there showing how you make you own papers with the crayons.

    The projects are stuuning lots love cheryl xxx

  6. Hi Fliss - Lovely idea - beautifully presented. Enjoy Blogland. Best Wishes Claire x

  7. Hi Fliss wonderful backgrounds, look forward to seeing more, take care karenxx

  8. Very cool - I must try this! Thanks for linking it to artsee bloggers


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