If you're interested in learning a few new techniques mostly concerned with making your own decorated and unique background papers then you're in the right place!
There are a few pics below and if you like the look of any, if you click on the title, you'll be transported over to a tutorial complete with step by step photos and you'll also find a few examples where I've used the technique by scrolling down to the labels on my side bar and clicking on the technique title.

Vintage Lacy Background Technique With Pearly Shimmer

Acrylic Resist Technique

Distress Ink Grunge Background Technique

Easy Inking Technique

Luscious Leftovers (Or What To Do With Them!)

Millefiori Stamping Technique

Twist On Resist Technique

UTEE Encapsulated Collage

Vintage Style Inking Technique

Watercolour Crayon Background Technique


rkramadh said...

These are wonderful tutorials. Please note that the third one from the top (with the bird) does not work. The link is broken and I get "Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name perschef is available to register!" error! Hope you can fix it, I would love to read that tutorial. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey, thank you for sharing!

Is it okay if I include these pictures in my blog it's related to hacking?