Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How To Follow Non Blogger Blogs Without Linky Tool

Hello folks, no card from me on this post as I'm here to share a way to follow those non Blogger blogs that have now lost Google Friend Connect but without going to the bother and hassle of this new Linky Tool follower thingy.
This came about by accident yesterday when a fellow DT member said a Wordpress blog had gone from her reading list. I checked mine and it was gone too. I was scrolling through and noticed I still had some other non Blogger blogs on my reading list and then the light bulb went on as to why.

Earlier yesterday, I wanted to follow a Blogger blog but the Google Friend Connect gadget wasn't there so I set the following up another way which also works for Wordpress, Typepad and other shop type blogs not using Blogger.
Here's what you do:
  1.  Copy the blog address of the blog you want to follow (just as if you were adding a link in a blog post).
  2. Go to your dashboard and scroll down until you reach the blue boxes with ADD and MANAGE in them and click on ADD.
  3. On the next stage you will see that you can either follow by url or Google Friend Connect. Simply paste the blog address into the url box and click to continue.
  4. Just carry on the next step to follow publicly and it's done! 
It really is that simple! So if you've lost those all important inspirational bloggers such as Tim Holtz, you can get him back with just a few clicks.

Hoping you find this helpful. It seems that most things really are simple to sort out in the end and I wish I'd thought of this earlier!
Fliss xx


CraftyLoops said...

You are brilliant Fliss. I wish I had have known this before it had all gone pear shaped as a lot of mine are now off my list and I cannot remember them all! Silly me should have written them all down before they went walkies! Thanks for letting us know Fliss, I will have fun filling them all in today.....the ones I can remember anywhoodles. Lee xx

Teri said...

I've been doing this since I started blogging nearly three years ago. I didn't know there was any other way! LOL xx

Ellie said...

so now I know why there's still a lot of non-blogger sites in my reader, I previously added blogs that way!

Claire Phillips said...

Thanks Fliss! Cheers Claire x

Deborah said...

Many thanks for the heads-up, Fliss. Why does bloomin' blogger have to muck us about (new word verification etc)!

brenda said...

Oh you are a clever girl Fliss !

I'm going to have another read and try and digest properly and will more than likely be back for another read, sure it won't go in first time.

So many things seem to have changed this last week with Blogger, over and beyond what we expected I think.


B x

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fliss and thanks for popping by and leaving a comment for me. BTW i LOVE your tulips card below
hugs June x

Ana Márquez said...

Hi!, Sorry, I cannot understand all your words, my English is very bad, but I can see your beautiful, lovely works and enjoy them with my eyes :-) Thanks for sharing so wonderful cards with us.

Big hugs from
Vintage Collages

Sally H said...

You are clever. A long time ago I started following Michelle Zindorf like this, but had forgotten what to do!