Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mothers' Day

Hello everyone and Happy Mothers' Day to everyone too.

I'm thinking of my own dear Mum today as we lost her back in 2004 after a very difficult 4 year battle with Alzheimers Disease which I think is one of the most cruel things out there as it takes away what makes a person who they are.

In the case of my mother, the early signs were so slight they went un-noticed as eccentricities on her part - such as us wondering how she managed to kill off so many houseplants as she was constantly buying new ones. When it was noticed her condition deteriorated very rapidly until she no longer knew who she was and couldn't recognise family members.

I want to remember her now with the best photo I have of her which was taken when she must have been around 21 years old with her post World War Two hair and clothes.

Love you Mum and you're always with me.
Fliss xxx


  1. Great tribute to your beautiful mum! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I don't think we ever stop missing our mums Fliss. What a lovely photo of yours. X

  3. Beautiful post in memory of your Mum.
    Amanda x

  4. Wonderful tribute to your beautiful mum xxx

  5. Just gorgeous Fliss and what a wonderful tribute too
    Donna xx

  6. Fliss
    Your words deeply touched my heart as my Aunt has suffered from this disease for many years now, she is a shell of her former self. My heart hurts for you. A beautiful tribute and the photograph of your dear Mum is so wonderful.
    Hugs to you xx


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