Friday 22 May 2009

Acrylic Resist Technique

This easy technique produces a paper with the look of slightly shabby wallpaper, depending on the type of stamp you use. You need to use quite a thick card of around 300gsm so that the paint does not buckle your finished paper.
Here's how to make it:

Step 1
Cut a piece of card to the required size and then paint it with your chosen base colour ( this is the colour which will show through the embossing and should ideally be light or dark. I chose peach.

Step 2
I chose to use one of the Laura Ashley Connemara stamps. Stamp your chosen image all over the painted card with clear embossing ink. I used the Ranger Distress embossing ink because it's very juicy and stays wet for ages. Emboss the images with Satin Pearl powder for a lovely pearly sheen. This powder is translucent so the underneath colour shows through.

Step 3
Paint over the top with your chosen contrast paint colour. I used cranberry red. Don't worry if the paint doesn't quite cover your embossing-some paints are a bit more glaze like. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 4
Use a baby wipe (easiest) or a damp paper towel to remove the paint from the embossed areas. You can remove as much or as little as you like, leaving more paint for a shabby, grungy effect. Your paper is now ready to use.

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