Tuesday, 4 August 2009

More Awards! From Cheryl and Sandra.

I've just been given another 2 awards. How great is that! Many thanks to the lovely Cheryl and the lovely Sandra. It's wonderful to receive recognition like this.
Here are 5 more things I like to do:
1. Teach rubber stamping classes.
2. Browse textile shops for inspiration.
3. Browse charity shops for bargains for altered art.
4. Spend time blogging.
5. Doodling-more on this soon!

I would like to pass an award on to Anne, Claire, Neenie, Lyn and Maxine. Great blogs ladies.


maxine said...

Hi Fliss Thank you so much for thinking of me, its so nice of you. I will add your name to the ones I have been given.

Spyder said...

Thank you soo much for thinking of me for this Award, I'll add it to my sidebar with a link back to your blog!


Hope Jacare said...

Fliss - Thanks so much - yes don't know where the time goes....I'll add your name to the one I've been given. Cheers Claire x

Rose said...

Hi Fliss, there's something for you on my blog :-)

Love, Rose xx

Toni44 said...

Hi Fliss, thank you so much for my award, I really appreciate it, and have added it to my blog with a link back to your blog :o) Bye for now, Love Anne xx