Sunday, 20 December 2009

Crafty Individuals Gallery

I've just had an email from Crafty Individuals and am thrilled to say that my 2 Turtle Doves (Part of the 12 Days of Christmas UK Stampers Challenge) is now in their gallery. It's actually the first thing that you click on and you can see it here if you're interested. They've also put a link to my blog which is great.
This has really cheered me up as I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment having unintentionally gone ice skating yesterday morning on the nasty patch of ice and ended up flat on my back on the pavement, having banged the left side of my back and my head on the way down.
As you can imagine, I felt a complete idiot and today has been difficult as I'm getting more aches and pains as the day goes on and the bruises haven't even come out yet. I don't normally want it to rain but I do at the moment as the ice is all still there today and our council doesn't seem to be doing any gritting. At least the ground here is mostly level. In Brighton several people have broken bones due to no gritting in the streets there. Some friends of ours who live there haven't been able to get their car out since Thursday as the street where they live is a hill.
I hope everyone is OK and not suffering from the same problems.
Fliss xx


Liz said...

Aww hope you fell better Fliss and CONGRATULATIONS again

Take care

Liz x

Liz said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh silly me!!!!!!!!!!! That SHOULD read FEEL better NOT fell better what a twit I am never check before submit Sorry fliss!

Liz xx

Marion said...

I am sorry to hear about your accident; I know from bitter experience how painful such a fall can be. Hope you're feeling a little better now and that the pain is quickly gone.

Weston super Mare

Mrs Bs Blog said...

Hope you feel better soon Fliss. Congrats on getting your card in the CI gallery. Hugs, Val xxx

brenda said...

ooooooooh, Fliss can feel your aches from here. But you are braver than me, I would never have dared try skating in the first place.

I think the Councils all over the Country are on a salt economy drive, I popped into Cambridge yesterday and even the pavments in the twon centre was packed ice.

Take care - no more skating.

B x

Fiona said...

Your turtle doves are fantastic Fiss, no wonder CI have featured them in their gallery. Many congrats. Hope you are feeling a little less sore this morning, the roads and pavements here are treacherous too.
Fiona x

Deborah said...

Congratulations Fliss! And richly deserved, I might add:-) Sorry to hear about your tumble. I'm torn between loving seeing all that snow outside my window and having to negotiate it. I live in a no-through road so the surface is pretty trecherous.

LuLu said...

ooohhh Fliss that does sound painful. Maybe I could send you some of the super dooper painkillers Steve has been given - he's flying around (literally, lol) with any pain at the moment ! ! !

My parents live in Hove right on the sea front and they say the promenade is lethal, so can only imagine what the hills in Brighton are like !

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year,


Cheryl said...

oh hunny know how you feel as its like that here too we have no gritters,only on the main roads and we are Nine miles from any kind of main road so its awful around here you take care and hope you feel better soon hun also congratulations too on crafty individuals hugs cheryl xxxxxxx


Congratulations on your well- deserved recognition Fliss.
I do hope you are feeling much better now, and here's wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas.
Love, Sylvia xxxx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Owww!! Fliss, that sounds painful.. Poor you! :o(

Congrats on being a 'Crafty Individual', though. Kudos.

Get better soon.

Chris xx