Friday, 20 July 2018

Mixed Media Artwork for That's Crafty!

Hello, I've been rather busy this week for various reasons so hopefully will do more visiting over the weekend.
One of the reasons is because yesterday morning we woke to find carnage in our back garden as a nasty fox had destroyed the nest of a hedgehog family in the shrubbery on the edge of our small patio. He unfortunately killed one of the babies and yesterday afternoon we found 2 more babies out in full sunshine and very wobbly. Their mother appears to have abandoned them so we put them back in shade until Andy came home and they've spent the night in a box in the shed with puppy milk and actual hedgehog food (didn't know you could get this!) after an emergency dash to Pets 'r' Us. We'll be ringing up the local animal rescue today for advice as the babies seem tobe about a month old and not old enough to fend for themselves. Nature can be so cruel sometimes.

I'm over at That's Crafty! Blog today with a mixed media circular panel which is the result of a rescue of something that went wrong last month. All is now fixed and you can find out how over on the blog.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend.

Fliss xx


Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful work Fliss. Sorry about the naughty Fox and the poor hedgehogs, hope they survive. Hugs, Valerie

brenda said...

This is just lovely Fliss, wonderful colours and there's something about a circle creation that always appeals.

Fox's can indeed be very brutal and I imagine they will have cubs and that seems to make them even more so. More than once one has created havock with our hens and they are so indisciminate, often killing for the sake of it and not even taking the deab birds away with them.

Hedgies can be pretty resiliant, we have a baby residing in one of our shrubberies and it seesm to be totally alone, it likes the milk we feed and yes you got it, the food from P@H which I didn't know exisited until alst year when I was chatting to a guy from the Wildlife Trust.

Whilst here I've been creating for an October Autumnal DT piece and borrowed the inspiration from you post the other day where you used the garden greenery for a background, will make sure I give credit when it come to post it.

B x

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

You hanging round is fab Fliss, glad you came back to use it as it all goes so well together.
Sadly Nature can indeed appear cruel especially when it's so close to home. Well done for being kind natured and doing all you can to help those wee babies, fingers crossed they can get over the ordeal.
Have a super weekend & hope you get some chill out time Hugs Tracey xx

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Fliss,
Sorry to be so late , with commenting- also on Thats Crafty blog - I have just been there, and commented on both your beautiful two last posts. No time while my family were here, and then the last days have also been so busy - BUT
I love this wonderful creation , the lace you added, and the flowers and leaves of fabric looking so gorgeous on top of it and the redone background.
Have a lovely weekend, Fliss-
Hugs, Dorthe

Sue said...

Oh Fliss that's so sad about the hedgehogs, that must have been horrible to get up to. Nature can indeed be very cruel, but hurrah for Pets r Us. We used to have a visiting hedgehog that ate the cats food, and they just let it! Your piece is beautiful, I love the lace and the soft colours. I hope next week is kinder to you, Sue xx