Friday, 10 August 2018

Textured Blooms

Hello everyone from a rather wet and rainy South Coast. We've finally had rain here which went on most of yesterday and has certainly cooled the weather down as I've had to put a cardi on for the first time in about 6 weeks. I also slept very well last night thank goodness so hopefully that will continue as I've not had a good night for ages as I struggle to cope with the heat. I hope you're all OK and hopefully have cooler weather too.
I have my usual Friday post over at That's Crafty! blog today and this week I've got an MDF upright mixed media style to share which uses something slightly unusual for the textured blooms on it. I hope you'll be intrigued to see how it came about.

You'll find all the details over at the blog if you'd like to hop over.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend and will see you soon.
Fliss xx


Dorthe said...

The flowers are stunning Fliss, love the colors and the patterns on them .
Fliss going to your blog , it now say :Not secure- as does mine, too - I don`t know what happens to Blogger, do you ?
You are a lucky one, having had rain and cooler temps- still no rain here- but windy today .
Hugs, Dorthe xxx

Valerie-Jael said...

Gorgeous flowers, wonderful colours. It's cooled off a bit here, too. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

brenda said...

The fresher air is cetainly welcome Fliss and gather your weather is much the same as our as our son down your parts called yesterday and was a happy lad as the surf had returned.

Love the fusion of colours of your blooms.

B x

Craftychris said...

I have been and looked and commented on this beautiful piece! I agree this cooler weather feels so much nicer and it's easier to sleep. I get excited when I can wear a cardi again, I am a real cardi girl! Well old lady really! xxx

Sue said...

This is so pretty Fliss, I love the uprights, and they really suit these fab flowers. Have a very happy week, Sue xx